Blogging is the new Black! – First Post!


The first words that come to mind right now…I am officially a BLOGGER!

So why a blog? A month ago I didn’t know what a widget was, google analytics, SEO, what the…? The technicalities of a blog terrified me, still does. However I have always enjoyed using a script to express myself and I’m an avid storyteller at heart. Shortly after creating a Facebook page for my makeup and styling business I built a small but very loyal readership. It wasn’t too long before my audience was asking more personal questions ie: what do YOU?, where do YOU shop?, where did YOU get that from? Etc, etc. I realised I was developing a relationship with my followers, call it a friendship even. Naturally the next step was to blog, and so, here we are.

Since this is my very first post (hands in the air, shout hooray!) I’ll be frank with you. Transparency is assured in terms of my blogging. No bullshit. Being honest and brave is major key! On the blog you can expect glimpses of what life is like in my heels and of course a ton of content centered around beauty, fashion, health and fitness. Oh! And you mumma-bears out there, I got you! I will share as much of this crazy motherhood journey as humanely possible. I suggest right about now you check out my About Me section of the blog and get to know me a tad better!

Time to celebrate this huge milestone. Who am I kidding? Guaranteed I will already be one champagne bottle deep by the time I hit publish!

My adventure, my journey, my words, and my perspective. 

This is my story.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 

― Maya Angelou

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