Engagement Shoot & Why You Should Consider One!


Whats with all the buzz about engagement shoots? Are they really that necessary? Well, you see weddings are a popular festivity in this day and age and celebrating a more personalised wedding with every added commodity to your hearts desire is welcomed and encouraged to undergo whatever it takes to make your day that extra ‘fluffy’ and special. Hence the increase in engagement shoots, its almost a pre-wedding ritual. But are they an absolute necessity? ‘No!’ it’s not for everyone and thats perfectly fine. Are they helpful? ‘EXTREMELY!’ Especially if capturing your once in a life time ‘Cinderella’ moment is important to you, and even MORE so important if you are hiring a photographer to do this for you.

Listed below are some benefits I found in having an engagement shoot and why you should consider doing one!

  • Breaking the ice and developing a trust with your photographer snapping away at you is important, it also gives the photographer the ability to develop an understanding of you and your partners personalities & comfort zones. Of course its about capturing amazing photos of you and your hubby/wifey but more importantly its ‘practice’ for your big day.
  • You’ll be able to view your engagement photos and discuss with your photographer style, colour, things you loved and things you loathed. This will ensure the photographer is aware of the fine particulars to capture or avoid on the wedding day.
  • You have professional photos to use for save the date, wedding stationary etc.
  • Last but not least, ask yourself, why not? It’s a day filled with excitement, you get to dress up, get your hair and makeup done! Feel and look glam while the paparazzi chase you around for a couple hours! Sound’s like a pampering doesn’t it? And so it should be! In the blink of an eye you’ll be married, so make the most of the pre-wedding build ups!

I wanted to find a great photographer for my wedding day, that was top priority for my partner and I. I chose my photographer based not only on her skill-set, and my investigation into her portfolio of brilliant work, but because I was lucky enough to meet her at a wedding I attended and experienced first hand her incredible work ethic. Her personality was so down to earth, her ambience is care free and in close zone you are immediately comfortable in her presence. Emily Roper from Clipic Photography + Video is our chosen photographer for our wedding day you can see more of our photos and Emily’s work here.

Emily instructed us to be ourselves and we did just that, treating the entire time like it was a date. In no time we had forgotten she was there, reminded only by distant shouts “Thats great guys!” Our engagement shoot was a magical and romantic day, I am thrilled to share with you such an intimate piece of my life.

Below, my enchanting engagement photos.



 photo leo-sig_zpsce16fe7c.png



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