How We Surprised Our Guests – The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth


Our surprise wedding was never meant to be the German enigma. We anticipated guests to start assuming from the minute we sent out our engagement invitations outside the traditional time frame. We were ready for our wedding to create a stir, a wee bit of a commotion. So we kept them guessing, while most on the day were completely gobsmacked and fooled others revelled in the delight their assumptions were spot on.


So how did we reveal the surprise?


Upon entry to our wedding venue our guests were greeted by a charming host from The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth. The party trained host (totally in on our surprise) was an expert in getting guests involved and ensuring a fun flow of picture taking. It was a non-negotiable for our guests to have their pic snapped as much to their surprise the big ‘wedding reveal’ would be found at the bottom of their photo strip! Something different, original and killing two birds with one stone, the photos also provided for our bomboniere (wedding favours) for our guests!

We are getting married today!

Isaac & Larissa




Much in line with the shabby chic and vintage feel of the wedding the booth itself is classically handcrafted, made from up-cycled oak wood, brass & stainless steel. A classy yet insanely badass looking machine that provided for some hilarious, old-fashioned good times. The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth were such a straight sailing, easy service to deal with. They had a down-to-earth kiwiana culture, fun, quirky and humorous from the start of our liaison to the end.


And just when your guests think their images are safe, digital copies of ALL the photos from the night are sent to you after your special event! If you are thinking of hiring a photo booth for your special occasion I highly recommend The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth. Makeshift versions and homemade photo booths are of course an awesome and inexpensive alternative. But theres no denying the excellent service these guys offer and the professional quality of the photos they provide.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I got chills reliving these moments while looking at the pics. I can still hear the laughter and cheer through the walls of the room I was hiding in, waiting for my cue.


Big thanks to Dion, the photo booth team and one very magical machine!


Images – Clipic Photography & Video + The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth Wellington


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