Our First Look & The Corner Prayer



I had a few moments to myself, a moment of grace, sipping on a glass of veuve to calm the nerves, and ease my shakes. Looking out to the ocean I found peace in its tranquil stillness, harmony in the unruffled water and serenity in the hushed wind. Not a cloud in the sky and as the warmth of the sun kissed my face I knew these were all God’s promises. This day was written perfectly for Isaac and I.

















Isaac and I ensured we delegated a time for prayer before our first-look. Isaac and Emily (Clipic Photography & Video) had chosen a suitable corner where we both could pray together without seeing each other. My MOH Abby and my son Ryder walked me towards my hubby-to-be and placed my hand in his. ‘Hi baby’ Isaac yelled out cheekily. ‘I can’t wait to be your wife’ I replied. ‘Not long now darling’ he said, then hand in hand, heads bowed, Isaac began to pray.









The shuffles of feet and excited chatter around us began to dull and all that I could hear was Isaac praying over our marriage. It was important for us to find a moment to centre ourselves and even more important for God to be the centre of our wedding.

















The first-look was exciting, my heart was in a flutter. Our photographer Emily (Clipic Photography & Video) knew Isaac and I treasure the outdoors. She found the perfect location, something out of a classic romance novel. Forest-like moss covered the earths floors, mesmerising draping trees swung around us and amongst this grandeur of splendidness there he stood, my dapper husband-to-be. Nature never looked soooooooo dang good!














Emily (Clipic Photography & Video) guided me to Isaac and finally I was just metres away. I could smell his cologne, I was melting at heart. I wanted to pounce on him or do something goofy like scare him. He hinted no measure of anxiety, he was still, standing proud. After a few moments Isaac was signalled to turn around. 














Both of us speechless, in awe of what stood before us. Tears rolled down Isaacs face and as I gently wiped away the last droplet he pulled me in close. I felt his heart thud and mine began to mimic just the same. We had several precious moments embracing each other, laughing, crying. This truly was the most exciting thing we both had ever experienced. An unforgettable moment we will treasure eternally. 



















Are you a fan of the ‘First look’ tradition? Would love you to share your thoughts!






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