ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz, tired much?

Exciting trimester, we FINALLY shared our news! If you didn’t see our baby announcement you can check it here. We have love flowing in from four corners of the world and with the abundant support from family and friends we are on a next level high! Emotionally I am feeling a million bucks, however my attentiveness and ability to stay focused has decreased dramatically! Baby-brain is REAL! 


Second trimester swabs, scans and bloods have been given the green light! Our bun is cooking beautifully in the oven! My tummy however is showing early signs of new stretch marks and the existing scarring from my first pregnancy is turning a pinky-purplish colour. Ive shed a few tears about my bodily changes during this pregnancy and its safe to say Im not alone. All pregnant woman will face some level of adjustment as their belly grows. By communicating my fears of feeling ‘fat & unattractive’ to hubby he was able to provide me with the level of support needed to comfort me during some distressing times. Not only is hubby pretty proud of himself (he shot & he scored), he’s also proud of me taking one for the team. If you have battled with body image and low self esteem (like I have) its important to seek support from those you love. I also encourage you to be open and honest with your midwife or obstetrician.


  • Fireworks are going off in both my heart & literally in my belly! Our little striker is kicking and moving about like crazy! If you didn’t feel flutters in your first trimester you are most definitely in for a treat this second phase!
  • Nausea has subsided.
  • Our baby’s sex is confirmed! Although we wont find out if we are carrying a mister or miss until our gender reveal shower. 
  • My hair is on fleek. I kid you not! Growing rapidly with healthy shine.
  • Intimacy is incredible, orgasms are elite, still not too big to enjoy all my favourite positions.
  • We’ve got a short list for baby names we adore.

// THE PITS //

  • Still struggling to get a grip on my nutrition and although my daily schedule keeps me moving I haven’t been back to the gym. My appetite is insane and my cravings are for all the wrong things. I am however eating loads of fresh fruits and drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Fatigue is severe.
  • Hello new stretch marks, welcome to the family.
  • The awful ‘C’ word … CANKLES! Got em! Learning to love them (yeah right). 
  • Baby has continual hiccups in my belly. Im gonna be real though, this is not cute, this is annoying. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Breathlessness, like, can I just get a moment, every moment of the day, to catch my breath already?! Lol.
  • And finally, leaving the best for last, the restless legs! Cramps and body aches at all hours of the day.


There has been such an overwhelming response with my pregnancy posts across all my social media accounts. It was this very encouragement that ignited the inspiration behind MUMMY + CO. Sharing my mummy-hood adventures with you all & connecting with other mothers brings me so much joy!

If ya’ll didn’t see my first trimester post you can check it here.

One trimester to go!!!

Until next,

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  1. September 11, 2015 / 1:30 am

    Larissa you look stunning! I wish I could look that hot, pregnant or not! Haha I love that you mention sex – it's important!

    • September 15, 2015 / 10:01 pm

      So important, and this third trimester things are changing particularly in that department! Not long now! Count down is on! <3 xx

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