If you have seen my wedding posts then no doubt you will have seen my gorgeous engagement invitations that were a key element in helping disguise our surprise wedding. We turned to Fox and the Hare – One little enchanted designer (formerly known as Wendy Maree Collection) to once again breathe life into our vision. Wendy was able to create the most gracious and delicately put together stationary I have ever seen. Fox and the Hare – One little enchanted designer provide bespoke custom and personalised stationary while also offering a number of ‘off the rack’ designs to choose from. In my opinion, Wendy is undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s finest stationary designers, a true artisan and inventor! Unveiling my stationary was exciting! My invites were packaged cautiously and delicately wrapped.





It’s the little things, the fine details in planning an event that I find fun. I believe first impressions count and hoped my stationary would set the tone of our event and provide guests with a sneaky visual for what to expect on the day. 

I thought I would share a little secret, my rule of thumb when searching for aesthetic inspo when styling or creating makeup concepts…. Sssssh don’t tell anyone, it’s a trick of the trade that has never let me down.

I generally like to draw inspiration to create colour swatches from a piece of art. For my baby shower theme I originally searched through historic artworks depicting Adam & Eve. Then I reflected on one of my favourite pieces, Botticelli’s painting ‘Birth of Venus’ (1483 -1485).

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From Botticelli’s visual I was able to pull both soft colour harmonies and masculine accents to create the above colour-swatch. Then with this tiny bit of info Wendy my brilliant designer worked her magic, producing my precious stationary.


Why not go all out and have some personalised stamps made! We picked our favourite pic from the baby announcement to keep in theme.


Like this idea? Check out how to make your own here.


To conclude we sealed our envelopes with a custom made stamp, too cute!


Like this idea? Check out how to get your own custom stamp made here.


A huge heartfelt thanks to Fox and the Hare – One little enchanted designer for continuing to exceed our expectations. Looking forward to our next event where we will summon your finesse once again.

Until next,


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