It seems that time has flown so fast, weeks and months have rushed by without compassion for my desire to live in that moment forever, the moment we said ‘I do’. Such a blur! First came love, then came marriage and yes, literally, the baby in the carriage. I haven’t really had time to think on this wonderful yet chaotic year. But one thing stands out to me, one thing that became very apparent within the first year of marriage. We are different, yet we are the same.Isaac and I are so contrasting, poles apart. He loves fast cars and I love M.A.C cosmetics. He’s a mains type of man, Im a 3-4 entrees type of gal. He loves the wilderness and outdoors I value electricity, I think you get it. Yet with all our inconsistencies and the fact we are almost paradoxical in personality, we work, because our values are identical. I have learnt hubby is my yin and I am his yang, and so, we balance. It was difficult at first realising that he’s not going to want to hear how much discount I received at Sephora or the bottomless bag containing a never-ending abyss of deluxe samples that came with it. And by now, surely he is use to the blank stare I give him when he’s talking about the thingy that connects the bits to the thingy on the motor-thingy in the car (ps. we do talk about more important things).

Unfortunately one year of marriage doesn’t constitute for a lot of credible wisdom. But I will say this, shared interests with my husband is important and fun, but its our shared values, our rules of life, that are inherently important to us that is the glue to our marriage. With that said, cheers to one year of matrimony! Heres to a thousand lifetimes more!

Isaac, I will forever stay true to my vows, true to you and true to our sons. 

Happy first anniversary my love.

Until next,

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