August-Grace turning the big ‘one’ was a huge milestone, perhaps more so for mummy and daddy than the actual guest of honour. With most of our family living abroad or unable to attend a party for AG, husband and I decided to pack up our awesome-foursome and enjoy a weekend away. Using Airbnb we found a modish apartment readied with everything a family could possibly need. Stylish, cosy and perfectly à la mode. Our host Deb was extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommended this accommodation for anyone looking for a pleasant stay in NZ’s capital city, Wellington. Check out more here.





So why a smash-cake? The absolutely priceless photos, duh! Pretty cake, cute baby, enough said! But, to smash? Or not to smash? Was the question.





I expected to sideline some ridiculously messy cake-smashing. AG is a really rambunctious boys-boy. He wants what he wants, and when he wants it, he wants it NOW! I imagined him ‘going in’ on this cake like Kanye on Tay-Tay. This simply wouldn’t be so. We learnt a little more about AGs personality, discovering he has an innate talent for hunting. Target…CAKE! Hilariously, our little cub stalked his prey tactfully, treading softly. There were moments he’d sit up nonchalantly to avoid detection, throw us off, so he could leap for the kill. AG was phenomenally patient, eyeing the cake at times with slight disdain. Then suddenly a final burst of speed and “swwwwwoooooooosh”… a surprise ambush. Success! Our stealth hunter takes down the donut cake-topper. 





To sum up the rest of the story, adorably cute and insanely messy. Dad, mum and even big-brother jumped in on the photoshoot and s*** got cray. We were extremely fortunate to have our talented friend Jess (Thanks Jess!) snapping pics of us high on love and high on sugar.





Oh the irony! Smashing a cake that looked like a piece of art was borderline heartbreaking. Thanks to Grace from Sweet Bakery & Cakery for once again creating a heavenly tasting masterpiece! Grace is our family favourite pâtissier and if your looking for someone to bring your cake vision to life or require an entirely bespoke cake for your special occasion look no further! 





There were so many gorgeous pictures making it difficult to choose our favourites. Just a quick FYI – You may experience intense sweet-cravings during and/or after reading this post!





Sorry, not sorry.










Have you seen AG’s first birthday vlog? Its suuuupah-cute, total must-watch. Check it out on my YouTube channel and while you are there catch up on my latest vlogs! 







Until next,






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