For the past two years Isaac and I have been busy. People don’t like that word, busy. These days, its interpreted as a brag, like, “my life is busier than yours” kinda-thing. Truth is, parenthood is busy. So busy in fact I’ve hardly seen my husband in the last 6 months, and when we were in each others company we were still, busy. It got to the point where our hearts were heavy, we were missing something, there was an emptiness we couldn’t explain. Come our 2nd wedding anniversary the 23rd of January, we realised we made a giant error. We didn’t make time.

Busy, busy, too busy.

The realities and hardships of parenthood hit us hard and we focused solely on being parents and work. We had an incredible year work-wise and our boys were well and happy. Thats all we could ask for right? Wrong! Two nights before our wedding anniversary, over dinner, it occurred to us we hadn’t organised a sitter, nor had we made any plans to celebrate the day we married. It hurt. A light-bulb went off and somewhere around 2am that morning we fist-bumped and promised each other to make more time. Major key! Mums and Dads out there, don’t forget to make time! Luckily our long awaited overseas trip was nearing. No kids, just the two of us. I came up with the idea that we postpone our anniversary celebrations till we arrived in The French Riviera. Best idea, EVER!

Several months before our trip I reached out to international photographer Tony Gigov from Tony Gigov Photography. Although he won’t admit it, Tony is a big deal in the international wedding scene he is also a hot commodity on The French Riviera regularly shooting weddings there. Tony had me reel in hubby for the shoot and the next thing you know, it evolved into an anniversary shoot! I am very grateful for the photos below. They are my favourite to-date. If you missed my Frill Seeker outfit post (also shot by Tony) I mentioned he is planning to visit our beautiful country (New Zealand) and is available for wedding photography. To see more of his breathtakingly beautiful work you can visit Tony Gigov Photography and make your wedding photography enquiries there.

Without further delay, here is our anniversary shoot!

Location 1: For the first part of our photoshoot we were near the Port Herucule of Monaco, toward the Mediterranean coastline. We had this little piece of crystal blue-green coast to ourselves. It was like we had stumbled across a well-kept secret. It was storybook-beautiful.



Location 2: Roquebrune, France. When it comes to views, I don’t think I have seen anything as spectacular. We were perched above the turquoise Mediterranean, overlooking the Monaco skyline…. ON THE EDGE OF A F****** CLIFF! No word of a lie. Tony made us! We had to climb rocky cliff surfaces just to get to the edge. AND technically speaking, we may or may not have broken the law. Absolutely thrilling, an experience of a lifetime.




It was so hard choosing which shots to share on the blog. There were hundreds all equally as beautiful as the other. I hope you love them as much as we do. A very warm & special thanks to my dear friend Tony Gigov. 




Until next,




See you, love you, BYE!
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  1. April 27, 2017 / 9:00 am

    These photos are incredible!! Love that you decided to make time for each other, that's so important!

    • April 27, 2017 / 10:47 am

      Thank you so much lovelies xxx And yes, so important <3

  2. May 3, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    Beautiful scenic place! Great shots!

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