My intimate apparel is in a depressing state. I am a black and nude lingerie gal, boring and safe. If I am being honest, the last time I shopped for pretty lingerie was just before my wedding day, over two years ago. We are off to Bali soon and I figured it’s perfect timing to pick up a few pretty pieces for my travel wardrobe. Since baby number two I have noticed huge changes in not only my bust size but their shape. Because of these changes my bras are ill-fitting and uncomfortable, so a professional bra-fitting is much needed. I dropped into Farmers and had my very first bra-fitting experience.



The most daunting thing that came to mind in relation to a bra-fitting was that someone was going to be in my personal bubble. I’m not someone who generally likes to be in close proximity of strangers, however I wasn’t willing to let the unknown put me off doing something good for myself.


Upon my arrival to the lingerie department at Farmers I was greeted by my assigned expert fitter with the warmest welcome. I’m quite style conscious, and thought I’d choose a few pieces to show the fitter what caught my eye. First we placed the bra styles I chose side by side in the changing room and discussed textures, colours, styles and brands. My fitter then gave me the floor to openly discuss my needs and wants during the fitting. During this time I learnt some interesting facts such as how changes in our lifestyle, health and age can affect our bra size. I also learnt that not only are a large portion of woman wearing the wrong bra size, they are also wearing the wrong style. Achieving the perfect balance of size and style equals success, I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t realise the difference prior to the fitting.



Before I was measured, my fitter stressed “If there is anything you are uncomfortable with just let me know“. She then told me she would give me several minutes to undress (top only) in private and instructed me to leave my bra on. It was relieving to learn that I wouldn’t have to be stark naked while alternating bra styles. Instead we would place a bra over the bra being worn and then undo it, switching the bra, while being covered modestly at all times. Before the fitter did anything she would politely explain what she was doing, it was comforting to have her explain the process as she worked around me.


My fitter took two quick measurements and to my delight informed me I had in indeed been wearing the correct bra and cup size. Once my size was assessed we began a styling session with the bras of my choice and much to my dismay it was here that I learnt that these particular styles were not the right fit for my bust. My fitter left the changing room momentarily to collect several styles she thought best suit my shape.





From my fitters picking I chose a style I most liked and tried it on. The bra was playful and sexy with delicate details. I was obsessed with the design and realised without my fitters help this beautiful number would have been completely overlooked. My fitter was there to assist me in adjusting the straps, ensuring my bust was supported and most importantly I was comfortable.


Lastly, my fitter insisted I try my top on with the bra to ensure the fit was pleasant with clothing, which it most definitely was.





Its super important to be open minded during your fitting experience and allow your expert fitter to guide you through the process. It was interesting to learn that woman who have been wearing the wrong size for a number of years find the experience life changing once they find the correct fit. Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised you aren’t getting everything completely wrong. I feel like a more confident and informed intimates shopper. I have also learnt how to ensure my cups, band and straps work in harmony together to achieve a supportive and comfortable fit.



To end my bra-fitting experience my lovely fitter showed me an array of lingerie accessories that were also suited to my shape. I was also given a run through of how to care for my new items. I think its imperative to purchase a proper wash bag to protect not only the shape of your bra and bottoms but to prevent the delicate detailing from snags, rips and tears that can happen in a normal machine wash.



Im delighted to spread the word that from the 22nd – 28th of May it is Lingerie Week at Farmers. There will be fantastic in-store promotions and online deals. If you haven’t had a bra-fitting I highly recommend dropping in to a Farmers store and finding out how this free service can benefit you. Additionally, shoppers who have a bra-fitting could be in to win a $1000 Farmers gift card! Simply get fitted in-store by a trained consultant, make a lingerie purchase, swipe your Farmers Club Card between the 22nd of May and 19th of June you’ll automatically be entered into the draw. PS. Remember to call in advance and pre-book your fitting session. Best of luck!



I hope you enjoyed this post and now know what to expect in a bra fitting. Not so scary right?! With the new confidence better fitting intimates has given me I am so excited to ‘zhoosh‘ things up a bit while in Bali, hubby won’t know whats hit him! Eeep EXCITING!




This post was a collaboration with Farmers. As always, views are my own.





Until next,

See you, love you, BYE!





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  1. May 19, 2017 / 7:51 am

    OOOOOOO yes girl! Those look saucy but comfy too! I have had my bust size correctly fitted in the past and have never looked back! xx

  2. May 19, 2017 / 9:09 am

    Thank you! I love the look of some of the bras you took photos of. I Have been thinking I need to source myself some new bra's. It has been daunting for me following having kids to let anyone be in "my boobie bubble". I do appreciate this blog because you have given me the insight and answered some of my questions. So off I go next week to book myself in. Xx

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