3 Lessons From Bali


Theres more to Bali than ancient temples, cheeky monkeys, ca-POO-chinos (Luwak coffee) and a ridiculously cheap holiday. I could write several posts about all the tourist traps (PS. take my money, I love the touristy stuff!), where to eat, what to do, blah-bleh. We all know thats not my style of blogging and besides theres already a zillion blog posts by travel bloggers talking about the same s***. If you are however looking for Bali to-do recommendations Bali Bible was our favourite go-to website. Additionally, Viator and TripAdvisor are great hubs to help plan your travel itinerary.   Our biggest tip, particularly if its your first time to Bali, hire a reliable driver. And if your looking, I have the man for you. We were really fortunate to have a driver in Bali that has been in the tourism industry for nearly 10 years. Aldo Made is an English speaking freelance professional tour guide and can customise your Bali bucket-list in the best order to get the most out of your time. He is familiar with all the major attractions and can also recommend more cultural and authentic experiences in more remote areas of the island. We were lucky to have Aldo annotate our roadtrips making the time in between destinations informative and fascinating. We learnt so much about Bali’s culture, language, traditions and religions. Contact Aldo Made here.   I’ve edited some of the pictures from our holiday for you to see. In reflection of my recent adventures in Bali I came away with 3 valuable lessons which just so happened to inspire this post.

1. Your Mojo Is Important!    Taking a break from regular routine is refreshing and important to maintain your mojo. Its easy to get stuck in the normal routine of everyday life, and we can often overlook or take for granted a lot of blessings we have. Stepping outside of our familiar environment has helped reset perspective and appreciate the good things we have. Its also been refreshing to step away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some down time to recharge the batteries.









2. Be Grateful! Always be grateful for the ability to work hard, especially if you are rewarded for it. We saw many people working incredibly hard for very little in Bali. It made us appreciate our own ability to work hard, and even more so appreciate how well we are rewarded for our hard work. We left Bali grateful for the ability to work hard and a commitment to make the most of that.







3. Giving Is Good For The Spirit!   Its a daily ritual for the Balinese to make pallets of offerings. You will see these offerings everywhere from outside their homes, on street corners and at temples to name a few. Offerings are meant to please and appease their many gods and are signs of gratitude. We were fortunate to be able to give small things, i.e. donations, tips etc to local people that helped us on our trip and noticed the smiles it put on faces and the uplifting impact it had. This in turn had the same impact on ourselves. If you have the ability to help someone else, even in the tiniest way, you should. Everybody wins.
















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Have you been to Bali? Would love to hear about your experiences there. We are already planning our return trip.

Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!

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  1. July 4, 2017 / 4:39 am

    We've been to Bali several times on surf trips prior to having our son Rafael. Our first trip was in 1999. Bali is an incredible place and, despite the rampant development, retains significant charm. You guys have an incredible feed on instagram. We love your style, the flawless make-up & manicure conflated with lifestyle and travel. Thanks for following us too https://www.instagram.com/rafsworldtravel/

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