As I write this post a song by the rapper ‘Ludacris‘ comes to mind… “Move b**** get out the way“. Brash I know, but its kinda my anthem. I have quite literally been in my own way for a large portion of my adult life. I’ve worked really hard to beat a negative mindset that caused me a lot of problems in life particularly in relationships and friendships. This negativity was centred largely around how I felt about myself, a poor self esteem. It took time, love and reflection to help me harness the power of self-love and it wasn’t until my recent trip to Bali, laying out in the sun at Ayana Luxury Resort and Spa I finally acknowledged how far I have come. I am so proud of myself and the woman, wife and mother I am today. There is so much more I aspire to be and without reflecting on this at times taxing journey I have nothing to build upon. Since Bali I have spent much more time in reflection. Reflecting allows me to learn from experiences both good and bad and has been major key for my self development. At the end of each day I evaluate the days events and think about what I could have done differently or what I could have done better. I also acknowledge my successes that day and little moments that made me happy. This exercise fills my heart with so much happiness before I sleep. My husbands way of reflecting is journaling. He keeps a gratitude journal and each day without fail records his daily blessings (hes soooo cute!).

If I am being honest both Isaac and I arrived at Ayana both stressed out of our minds and bickering. Its been a crazy few months for us. The down time there was so good for our souls, we left well-balanced and present. Perhaps it was the 90 hectares of tropical cliff top gardens over looking the Indian Ocean that allowed me to empty my mind of clutter? Maybe the 2 hour world class treatment at the Aquatonic Pool that detoxified my body of stress? Or the majestic sunset we witnessed at Ayana’s iconic Rock Bar that summoned an inner calm? Whatever it was, I am grateful for my time spent in reflection here. Ive said it a million times on my social platforms, if your coming to Bali without question the award winning, five-star, Ayana Luxury Resort and Spa is well worth the visit. We spent two days there and barely scratched the surface of what is on offer. Ayana also allows day visits. You won’t get full access to its grounds but you are guaranteed a good glimpse of what all the hypes about.

If you didn’t know Isaac (hubby) is the photographer (by hobby) behind the blog. Below are some of my favourite pics captured at Ayana. We hope you like them!



Did you notice my obsession with palm print? Sadly both my swimsuit and dress are now SOLD OUT ๐Ÿ™
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I vlogged a little during my stay at Ayana. Watch our vlog here







Until next!


See you, love you, BYE!











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  1. July 9, 2017 / 7:52 am

    You are an amazing mama and person! I too think it's great to reflect on the positive it's not something I am great at but I am trying to install that in Sophia. At the end of each day I ask what her favourite thing was, if she says she can't think of something I push her to find at least one thing! She has started to ask me the same questions which is cute! Your trip looked awesome! A much deserved (and by the sounds of it needed) break x

  2. July 31, 2018 / 9:40 am

    Loving your posts about your time in Bali. Am heading there was my husband for our 4.0 birthdays this year. Wasn’t sold on the idea initially but you’ve definitely convinced me it’s a go! Gonna take my camera too. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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