One of my absolute favourite things in life is brunch. I LOVE cafes! And then… I had kids. Sometimes I get sad that so much planning has to go into a simple day-out for breakfast. To be fair, the boys don’t like crowded places and it’s no ones fault but my own that I continue to test the waters. There’s this vegan and vegetarian joint called The Botanist located in the seaside suburb of Lyall Bay that I’d been dying to eat at for months. Last weekend we finally got to go there. The vibe at The Botanist is really lively and keeping in theme with the restaurants name, the botany-like interior is strong throughout, super Instagramable.

I forgot to set my alarm in the morning, I wanted to be up early to avoid the crowds and get a good table. I can usually rely on AG to wake the household up around 7am, Murphy’s Law, we all slept in. It took about 30 minutes to find a carpark that wasn’t in the next suburb, then we had a 20-30 minute wait for a table. Once seated I tried my best to enjoy lunch with my boys, even after AG slapped me in the face with a hand full of aioli. While sipping my cold (but still good) coffee and during my 18th game of noughts and crosses with RL, I realised this was an EPIC fail. When AG started to feed the pot plants and sing Happy Birthday quite loud and obnoxiously we knew it was T-minus ten minutes before he switched to meltdown-mode. We started to food-shovel as fast as we could, not the way you want to treat a delicious (and it really was scrumptious!) meal. But alas, we were fed, and we were full.

We ended our day at Makara Beach, stone-skimming. The kids were much happier to be out of the car, free. As we were sitting watching the boys play Isaac turned to me and said ”what did you like most about your day?’‘. For a moment there I thought he was being sarcastic, and then I found myself surprised. When I started to think about what wasn’t so bad about my day, my day didn’t seem so bad at all. It’s easy to forget that even on bad days there’s always something going right.

While it may not have been the perfect day, here are 10 moments I was grateful for:

1. The weather this day was amazing, no wind or a cloud in the sky. A rarity in Wellington City.

2. Finding another healthy plant-based eatery in Wellington. Great tasting food!

3. My heart was melting watching AG play paper, scissors, rock with his brother and dad. Especially because he wasn’t actually part of the game, but totally thought he was. 

4. When RL genuinely beat me (twice in fact) in noughts and crosses. He was so proud.

5. When Isaac complemented me on my jewellery and OOTD (yes he totally uses that acronym, Instagram husband goals I know!) and said I was ‘beautiful and unique’. My knees totally buckled, gets me every time. 

6. When RL got hit by the rolling waves brushing the shore, underestimating their speed. He was so upset and soaked. We did warn him, Isaac and I were in fits of laughter.


7. Seeing AG throwing stones as far as he could, with all his might and watching his eyes light-up each time his stone hit the water.

8. Ending the day at the beach and watching the sun go down with my boys. It was magical! 

9. RL’s cuddles on the beach shore when it got chilly. We just sat their cuddling without speaking a word. The world just felt so complete in that moment.

10. Remembering to take the camera, and looking back at the photos of my not so bad, bad day. Pretty cool captures if I don’t say so myself.





 CHOKER  | SILVER EAR CUFF RINGS  (I am loving stacking fine rings at the moment my collection is slowly building up) | SILVER PENDANT (also loving wearing super fine necklaces and layering them for a bit of WOW, I find my thinner and finer necklaces are more wearable and can be worn day-to-night with almost any outfit for any occasion)

I hope you don’t mind my mummy rants now and then on the blog. I’ve been treating the blog a lot like my diary lately. Its been quite therapeutic. Let me know what you think anyway!




Until next,

See you, love you, BYE!










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  1. August 9, 2017 / 2:27 am

    Love the diary-style posts! Beautiful photos too, how is your family so gorgeous?! x

    • August 10, 2017 / 11:27 pm

      Love and miss you babe <3 Thank you for your feedback! Especially reassuring coming from you xx

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