I turned 33 the other week. There was no night out on the town and no hangover involved. Instead my boys treated me to a lovely brunch in Petone at the quirky Seashore Cabaret. Hubby wasn’t suppose to get me a present (I’ve already treated myself to a few beach dresses for Fiji) he couldn’t help himself, and tracked down a pair of shoes sold-out in my size EVERYWHERE! I had been searching for this particular pair for weeks on end, he still won’t tell me how he did it! Later that day we headed to Wellington’s waterfront to check out the most Instagramable shakes I have ever seen. I’d been stalking @crocshake for a wee-while dying to try their mugs of amazingness. After we devoured our delicious shakes we took one of their croc-bikes for a spin. I’ve been in Wellington for going on 7 years and NEVER hired one of these bikes before, the kids had a blast, AG cried when we had to take the bike back and Isaac literally had to peel him off haha!

Recently a few of my friends have turned 30 and copped a bit of slack. My girlfriend Nami, blogger (and babetown) from Serendipity Ave wrote about her experience turning 30, its a legit good read check it here. Nami and I were recently having a laugh about the stigma around turning 30. I myself cruised into 30 pretty easy, sadly my twenties sucked. I made more mistakes than I could handle, kissed too many frogs and spent way to much money, on nothing. By the time I reached 30 I was a wiser, happier and debt free me.

 So! You! The one turning 30! Life doesn’t end at 29 and life doesn’t start at 30 either. Time is what matters, the time you have now. Stop worrying about the numbers and congratulate yourself, you made it to 30! Look at the bright side, you’ve got a whole 10 years till you’re 40 (hehe). Lastly, if anyone has anything negative to say about your age, they can suck it, simple. Now go on, with your badass 30/30+ year-ole-self. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, age is just a number. Oh and for gods sake, eat the f******* cake.



MY WHITE TEE (shop similar above, I always wear mens tee’s, I love the boyfriend/oversized fit) | MY WHITE JEANS (ON SALE! I bought these to rip them up and custom make my own distressed look) 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures from my birthday! What did you think of my shoes? Im obsessed! Hubby says its an acquired taste lol.







Until Next!

See you, love you, BYE!








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