I have a disorder. Its an obsessive packing disorder. OPD, its real I’m certain? I’m usually packed two weeks before travel. Lets just say if packing were a sport, I’d be pretty dam competitive. I get totally chuffed whenever I’m asked for packing tips. Speaking of which, it’s actually one of my lovely followers who asked me for some resort wear ideas that inspired this post! Confession, I didn’t really know what the difference was between a resort or hotel until recently. Basically resorts are built for vacationers unlike hotels where most your time is spent outside exploring. Rather than just a base, a resort is the actual destination you will spend the majority of your time in. Resorts have much more facilities for guests to enjoy and are built on much larger premises. In September we are off to Fiji and rather than our usual action packed itinerary we’ve decided to kick back and relax on a resort-style vacation. Will I vlog it all did you say? Ah duh, of course! Stay tuned. We are so flipp’n excited for Fiji because our boys are coming! Family vay-caay!

 Alongside my tips for packing are some pretty sweet pics we took at Komune Resort, Bali. We spent 3 incredible days there celebrating my best friends wedding. O…M…Gee this place was amazing. Super couple & family friendly. What we loved most about Komune resort was it’s focus on health and wellness. Oh!…A total must do at Komune, grab a bean bag, a cold bevy and sit yourself in front of the hypnotising view of the world famous Keramas surf break and witness the epic spectacle of night surfing. Wait till you see the gigantic floodlights. Dope!

Moving along, I’ve compiled a list of my wardrobe essentials that will have you sorted for a 7-10 day tropical resort vacation.

2-3 Swimsuits/Bikinis

You’ll be in and out of the pool a number of times throughout the day, so having several swimsuits means a dry set of bathers is always on hand. 2 sets should be fine, however I like to change my style up a little for photos and a bit of fun. Having a classic black one piece is also handy if like me mummy-tummy or bloating is an issue when nutrition goes out the window.

2 Cover Ups

Playsuits, sarongs and kaftans all fall under the category of cover-ups. My cover-ups are always on high rotation considering I basically live in swimwear whilst on holiday. I’m also not one to frolic around at a resort in my swimmers unless of course I’m poolside. Cover-ups are a quick swimsuit sheath to provide instant coverage.


3 pairs of Shoes


Take training shoes for fitness and outdoor adventures (PS. you can wear these on the flight over to save space in your luggage). Dressier shoes for formal occasions (i.e.: restaurant dinner & dancing) and flip-flops for general daily wear and poolside lounging.

2-3 Bags


Be sure to take a backpack to carry personal gear on excursions. We use the Go Pro Seeker we purchased from Gopro. Its big enough to store our tech, valuables, snacks etc while still feeling lightweight and comfortable. You’ll need a beach bag or tote that has zipper compartments to store valuables safely, preferably waterproof. A cross-body bag or bum-bag is also handy if like me your phone and credit card is an extension of your body.

4 Dresses


Mix the dress lengths up from maxi, midi or mini (or skirt). Choose lightweight and breathable material with transitional designs so they are wearable on lazy days right into the long balmy night.

4 Tops & 4 Shorts – Mix ‘n’ Match


I highly recommend 4 tops (can be singlets also) especially if your a mummy. We all know the transfer of the kids after-adventure-grub all too well. Choose a combination of shorts and tee’s that can be mixed and matched together. It’s important to be practical when packing and having items you can rotate and team together saves you from over packing.


1-2 Jackets


It can get cooler in the evening in warmer climates particularly if you are near a beach or on an island. My recommendation is to take one denim jacket. Why? Denim over tee’s, COOL! Denim over dresses, COOL! Denim over cover-up’s COOL! Need another reason? Doubles as your jacket for the chilly flight over! (I’m a genius I know). If you prefer a lightweight sweater take into consideration the colour and silhouette to ensure it matches the majority of your travel outfits.

Workout Gears


Isaac and I don’t compromise our exercise purely because we are on holiday. If you are much the same, take 2 x sets of good quality training gears. Tip, I rinse my training gear off when Im in the shower and hang them out to dry in the heat.


1 beach hat (a cute Instagram worthy hat earns you double points). 1 sports cap for outdoor activities and excursions. Costume jewellery only, with the exception of wedding bands. Leave expensive jewellery at home (unless insured). Somethings you just don’t negotiate, mine is a watch! I love the way a good watch can compliment and finish an outfit. But if we are being practical, its not really necessary if you are likely to be carrying a smartphone around 24 hours a day (me). Sunnies are a must, take a fancy pair and an ‘I don’t care if I lose you’ pair and wear accordingly.



Don’t forget your socks and intimates (yup, undies). Tip, always try the intimates you plan on packing with the clothing you are taking. Make sure they fit nicely and are flattering under your travel clothing. Theres nothing more frustrating than taking a bardot style top and forgetting your strapless bra.




SUNGLASSES (sold out, similar above) | BAG (I purchased in Bali from Ubud markets, they are EVERYWHERE! My friends over at Serendipity Ave stock a similar one here)










There you have it! You can use the above as a guideline or inspiration to begin packing for your upcoming holiday! Happy packing and ‘NO’ I can not come to your house and pack for you!



















Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!
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