My new pearl jewellery set from Michael Hill has been on continual repeat. Wearing pearls and opals is somewhat a tradition in my family so finally owning my very first pearls feels a bit spesh. Whilst unboxing my new jewellery I was taken back to a childhood memory of another first, my first watch. It was a beautiful automatic, gold-plated timepiece with tan leather straps, a birthday gift also from Michael Hill. Confession, I couldn’t tell the time until I was 11, I’m not sure why? I can’t remember being concerned with ‘time’ at all as a child, I miss that feeling, especially now that as an adult time goes by so swiftly. Albeit, I wore my watch anyway. I was pretty good at avoiding being asked for the time, until one day the coolest kid in our primary school noticed my watch. “Whats the time?” he said, I recall my body being hit with an immobilising surge of panic. Somehow I managed to lift my wrist right up to the bridge of his nose (he almost went cross-eyed). I still remember the strange look on his face when he said “Can’t you read it?” while I just stood there completely mute and red-faced. That day, and everyday after that I practised and practised reading the time until it was like clockwork (yup, total pun).

Speaking of firsts



I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, live each day as if it were our last. After a bit of mental time-travelling and reflecting on some of life’s first-time experiences, I found myself wondering… What if we were to treat each day as if it were our first? Do you remember what that feels like? How you reacted physically and emotionally when you experienced something for the very first-time?



…The tingly-all-over sensation from a first kiss…the crippling thuds of your first broken heart….to the overwhelming sense of joy holding your first born child…


You NEVER forget your first-time. My favourite first, becoming a mother of course!



Really though, what if we woke up in the morning and treated everyday as if it were the first day of our lives? Imagine all the wonder and discovery? The flurry of wonderful emotions! While of course its not possible to go back in time, its an interesting perspective. I’m going to challenge myself to experience everything in my day as if it were the first-time. Repossess those first-time feels and rediscover why those things made me feel certain ways. Maybe from doing this I can unearth a deeper level of appreciation. I really hope so. Perhaps try this exercise with me? What’s there to lose?





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All opinions are honest and entirely my own.


Did my post leave you feeling a little nostalgic? I hope it bought back some precious memories for you all.




Huge heartfelt thanks going out to our friends Candy and Jay from Candy Capco Photography for collaborating with me on this post. 



This post is #sponsored by Michael Hill.





Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!
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