Auckland Eats, Street Style + Secret Fashion Tip


My husband and I love to people watch. Isaac, because he’s generally always interested in environment and culture. Me, because I love seeing what people are wearing. Want to know one of my fashion secrets? Each country I visit, I allow time to sit down for an hour (or so) order a glass of wine and observe the local passerby. I find foreign street-style incredibly influential and my outfits on numerous occasions have been inspired by a complete stranger. In terms of my street style, I’m all about a twist on practical pieces.

My wardrobe has had a recent influx of jeans and white tee’s. Can’t get enough! When it comes to tee’s I invest in quality rather than quantity. And in terms of jeans, its all about the fit, I don’t give two f@$ks about the label. I will drop $200 on a great pair, or $40. Fit is KING! My favourite places to shop for jeans is ASOS, Topshop, Zara and Missguided.

You will have seen my two boys RL & AG rocking George Henry Clothing in a number of posts & vlogs. George Henry Clothing also has an adult line (see my outfit below). I recently purchased one of their infamous custom-made monogrammed tee’s for myself (in the men’s style, I love a boxy-baggy fit). The best thing about these tees are the prints upon them. They are of the highest quality, I’ve washed my boy’s tee’s again and again and they still look great!

We recently spent the day in Auckland city roaming and taking style-snaps. We dined-in at two food joints (yup TWO!) that Isaac had on his foodie-to-do list (this is an actual album in his phone consisting of screenshot pictures of places he wants to eat at). Fokker Bros on the viaduct, a great place to grab a hearty burger cooked from scratch with fresh top quality ingredients (GE free, organic, fresh). And, The Blue Breeze Inn, located in Ponsonby, offering delicious Chinese cuisine. The vibe is a merge of Pacific Island feels meets modern-chic-jungle (is that even a thing?!), so eclectic! While we were in Ponsonby I finally got to check out the Benefit store. Yup, it’s even more amazing in real-time.

Auckland has changed massively since living there. So much new! Looking forward to returning soon.




MONOGRAMMED TEE | STATEMENT COAT (this is a one off piece I bought in Hong-Kong) SUNGLASSES  BAG (purchased in Bali, my friends over at Serendipity Ave stock similar


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!

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