BULA! The Carlson’s are in Fiji!

Cute story, we are primarily in Fiji to witness our friends Sai & Tori marry (you may better know Tori as @victorianunnsbeauty). When we arrived to the airport they were there to welcome us. I wanted to cry! So much happy feels seeing two of our favourites standing there with wide open arms. Isaac and I are so excited for the wedding and pre-wedding festivities.

We’ve just arrived to our first vacaay spot, Double Tree Resort. This trip is most special because it’s actually our first international holiday as a family. Our boys have been excited for months. Speaking of which, I had to share these quick snaps taken only minutes after our touchdown in Fiji. Theres something about blurry photos I am falling in love with. Its like capturing time, not just one moment, but a moving moment. Im obsessed! Perhaps its also because I know when I am older, perfect photos won’t matter. These out-of-focus pictures will be all I need to help jog my fading memory, remind me of the wonderful life I have lived. My style of photography and blogging is documenting my life as it happens. I aim to resist the the ‘plan-did‘ at all costs (‘plan-did’ means to fake a seemingly candid shot). I think you’ll see a lot of blurry pics to come!

To me, there is no such thing as a badly taken photograph.



Until next,

See you, love you, BYE!

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