Lets be honest.

The only thing I am going to miss right now about the passing season is of course an autumnal wardrobe! Fall-fashion is my favourite, however my arms are wide-open welcoming the warmer months. Spring is still quite crisp here in New Zealand so leather boots in my opinion are still essential. Boots and shift dresses have always been my thing, bonus points won for dresses with a statement sleeve. Details team, all about them details.

Even though I can barely call blogging working (coz I have so much fun doing it) we did have a lot of content to create and capture. The rest of the long-weekend was spent at Riversdale Beach, chilling with fam-bam-ily, such a nice catch-up.

Pia Boutique sent me this gorgeous wine-coloured leopard print set I’m wearing. Isaac spotted this cute flowering cherry tree and made me jump out for photos. We didn’t realise how beautifully the dress would shoot in front of it. Ahhh-fate, hell of a thing! If you are a kiwi and follow a number of NZ influencers you’ll be familiar with the Pia Boutique label. Not only is the quality of the product super-luxe, the packaging was hands-down the best packaging I have ever seen. I’m a firm believer that wrapping is half the gift. I have a select few bold pieces in my wardrobe that I treasure, those stand-out numbers that break all the rules. This set will slide quite nicely into it.

Also, apologies in advance! You are going to see a lot of the Gucci sunnies I am wearing in these pictures on zee-blog. Talk about repeat offender! I’ve partnered with Optically (Australia’s leading and most popular website for eyewear online) to help spread the news they are available in New Zealand! Optically.co.nz offers glasses and sunglasses in a number of trending and classic styles to suit any mood.

Right, Ive got two boys to bath, lunches to make and a great book to finish. PS. I’ve been glued to this book! I will share it in a later post.


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!


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