A Poem…


Recently Isaac and I modelled for our friend Candy of Candy Capco Photography. Any chance to work with Candy gives me joy for two reasons, one I end up with breathtakingly beautiful photos to keep forever and ever, amen and two I get to spend time with a close friend.

I actually struggled to write for this post, mostly because each time I attempted a sentence it felt as though words were not enough. So I began to stare at the pictures and appreciate them for what they were, moments, memories, emotions, colour and light. After a week of writers-block I sat down and pulled-up the photos one final time and suddenly… it it hit me! A famous quote by Horace…

A picture is a poem without words

And so, that was that. Here is my poem for you to enjoy in its entirety. May you appreciate its beauty and emotional power in your own special way. I truly, truly, truly feel that is what Candy’s work deserves.



I hope, even just for a moment these pictures stirred a little warmth in your heart. Candy wrote about this shoot on her website, do give it a read, here.


Until next,

See you, love you, BYE!


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