Mums are totally the new IT-girls in the blogmosphere.

Confession, I’m personally only subscribed to mummy bloggers, mainly because their content is so relative, I just get it. I know how hard it is to keep up the things we loved before children, I understand how difficult the parenthood juggling act is and I understand the mummy-meltdowns. Time is also of the essence when you are a parent so I’d rather spend what little time I have spare reading content that hits home. It’s cool to be a mum, especially in the digital world. Despite the internets destruction of one’s privacy and it’s scarily infinite nature, it has undeniably been an important tool for me as a mother. Online parenting communities and mummy bloggers/vloggers have provided me with support, are inspiring and are hilariously entertaining. My favourite digital mums are Amber Filler Up Clark who has a beautiful blog called Barefoot Blonde and Sarah Jane Young from She Is Sarah Jane (the very first blog I ever followed, religiously!). If you aren’t already following these amazing mum’s you really should. My blog feels more like a diary nowadays, in-which I feel like I am writing to friends, mostly mum’s. The blog has transitioned so much in the last two years from posting beauty and style inspirations to musings on motherhood and married life.

My blog is all about documenting moments from my life which means my Filofax, iPhone and camera are all basically extensions of my body. I recently upgraded the baby-bag to something more ergonomic to cater to my lifestyle. A bag that I can store all my personal belongs and more importantly everything the kids need, all-in-one. I will be honest, in the past the baby-bags I bought were purchased because they were from one of my favourite designer brands. Essentially they ‘looked’ the part but failed to withstand the demands of mum-life. My advice to you when choosing your baby-bag is to shop for a quality bag that is, durable, thoughtfully-designed and practical. Storksak Baby Bag’s tick all the boxes, made to last you years, even after your kiddies have grown. I live by the mantra, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ and finally my baby-bag fit’s in with my philosophy.



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