Happy 3rd Blogiversary to me!

3 years, whats that like…1095 days? Wowee! Safe to say I am still as passionate about this little online diary of mine as the very first day I dreamt it all up.


If you’ve been following me for some time now you’ll know my online blogging actually started on Myspace. Forever reorganising my wallpapers, spending all hours of the night trying to master HTML just so my profile looked ‘cool’ and let’s not forget my TOP 8 and the cat-fights it caused in my circle of friends. I wonder what Myspace Tom is up to these days? (you won’t understand this if you weren’t a Myspace kid).


I slowly made the move to Facebook (resisting for as long as I possibly could) and started to micro-blog my makeup looks, outfits and sometimes outlandish thoughts and opinions. I built a small but loyal following and I loved them as much as they loved my online baffling. I had always wanted to build a website and with my husband’s encouragement and belief in me, I took the plunge and become an official blogger.

Best decision, LIKE EVER!












October 8th 

My blogiversary date is actually October 8th. And on this date, I treated the blog to a fresh makeover. Did you notice? Come on now! How could you not right?! It’s beautiful! The late celebration is mainly because of such a busy year, in truth, I overwhelmed myself. Its been dope and I am so grateful, blessed even, however next year I will be a little kinder to myself in terms of my commitments. I am told all the time I am a super-woman, but I’m really not. I’m just a girl, in love with her boys, who loves pretty things and documents it all.


The new update is super user-friendly so I hope you have been enjoying navigating the site much easier than before. I feel the blog will continue to grow as I grow, I have no fear of change and you’ve probably noticed a pattern, as I transition through life so does the blog. One of my strengths is that I can continually uproot myself and take risks. I’m not afraid to fail, I call this my traffic-light theory. When something doesn’t work out for me in life I’m at a red light, but I know its only moments before that light turns green, and I am on my way again.



















Jaymee Photography

Helping me celebrate my blogiversary was the ever so talented Jaymee from Jaymee Photography, a New Zealand natural light wedding and portrait photographer. I enjoyed collaborating with this beautiful being so much! We are hoping to make some magic for you in the new year! Jaymee is a sensational wedding photographer. Her captures are candid, delicate and sincere. What I loved most about her shooting me is that it all unfolded naturally. It felt as though we were two friends taking a stroll in a beautiful enchanted garden. In fact, that’s exactly what the shoot was!  Jaymee covers anything from engagement shoots, family photos to maternity photographs. Check out her beautiful website, here. How gorgeous is this location btw? A huge thank you to the team at Aston Norwood for allowing us to shoot at their beautiful wedding and function venue.



Eat the cake!

You know I am a fan of traditions. It wouldn’t be my blogiversary without a Sweet Bakery & Cakery celebratory cake. Wasnt it pretty!!!!











There are a few important people I would like to thank. We all know that my blog isn’t a one-woman job.


My dear Instagram husband, you are my backbone, my kleenex, my gin and tonic. Your belief in what I do is unwavering. Who would’ve known you’d turn out to be an amazing photographer and develop a love for it. Thank-you for allowing me to fulfil my dreams and at times putting your own on pause. You are our everything.


My management you all know who you are, thank you for dealing with my perfectionism-issues and frustrations and battles with technology.


My mum, Shirley. Because it all started with me dancing between the endless fabric roles as you shopped for pretty material.


Candy Capco, my gorgeous friend. I thank you for your help and encouragement with my photography. I am so grateful for your time AND  equally grateful for your online shopping tips (much to my husband’s dismay lol).


And then there is YOU! For every like and comment, your messages and emails. Thank you for welcoming my diary entries, or blog as we know it, with open arms. Your support is UNREAL and it gives me so much motivation, I appreciate you all!



I wonder what the blog will look like next year?


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!




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