Yesterday we dined in at Ortega Fish Shack to celebrate Valentine’s. We’ve been hanging out to eat there! Originally we had planned to go there for our wedding anniversary but our reservation time was taken. Boy-oh-boy was it worth the wait! We were greeted by the co-owner Davey on arrival who had a beautiful natural-light-lit table upstairs waiting for us, it was definitely the best seat in the house. The vibe is eccentric yet incredibly homely. The walls are filled with vintage paintings, photographs and ornamental boats & fish. You get a real sense of a ‘shack-life‘ which is interestingly juxtaposed by its slick and elegant service. The menu differs daily depending on the fresh produce delivered each day.

Our Valentine’s Day menu was specially set and while everything was a party-in-my-mouth, Isaac and I would both agree our star dish of the night was our main, the Groper, sweetcorn purée, smoked eel, pickled onion, crispy chicken skin. Absolutely sensational! Isaac always starts with a Negroni cocktail before his meals, he made quite the statement last night that Ortega’s Negroni was one of the BEST he has ever had (he’s had a fair-few, my jaw literally dropped when he said that). I always opt for a St. Germain cocktail, since it wasn’t on the menu I did find something containing elderflower (my favourite flavour in the world, pour it on me!). Enter, the Kimbo Slice, a simple and unassuming cocktail that packed a punch, not the fanciest looking cocktail but a heavyweight in terms of flavour, highly recommend!

Each year since Isaac and I met he has given me a single red rose. Its the first tradition we ever set, unintentionally of course. The start of many traditions that would follow. My sister Darlene wrote a cute status on her Facebook about Valentine’s Day I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing.

“Valentines isn’t only for loved-up couples, it’s a day to advertise to the whole world your love for everyone around you”

I couldn’t agree more.



Until next,

See you, love you, BYE!


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