Recently we celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a couples shoot.

Our wonderful friends over at Jaymee Photography loved the idea we shoot in Wellington City after learning about my move here from Auckland to pursue love. Isaac and I met in a serendipitous-like way sharing a magnetic connection. Even though our individual circumstances weren’t the greatest at the time there was no denying, he wanted me and I wanted him. You’d be surprised to learn not a lot of people had faith in Isaac and me, which was incredibly hard for us both. Isaac’s a realist and I am a dreamer and while the saying goes ‘opposites attract‘ we think in our case it was more, ‘like attracts like’. We were both in pain, for very different reasons and despite the odds, here we are approaching nearly seven years being together and celebrating our wedding anniversary. Love-game, STRONG.

It’s a long story cut short I know, there were many ups and downs, highs and lows particularly in the first two years. I’m often asked for relationship advice from my readership and while I am no relationship-guru, I can tell you the key to our relationship comes down to the mighty ‘F’ word.


Learning to have and show an unconditional and willing forgiveness saved us. Of course, there are many other pillars that help create a strong foundation for relationships to build on, forgiveness for us was key. Being able to forgive each other in times of hardship was crucial for Isaac and I. There was a time in our relationship it felt like we were going around in circles and there were continual breaches of trust or small acts of unkindness and we didn’t know how to fix the damage done. Sometimes pain in relationships is unavoidable and while it did take some time and communication to figure it out we established we were holding on to grudges which prevented us from moving forward.

There is freedom in forgiveness. So I ask you, who do you need to forgive today?



Until next!

See you, love you BYE!



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