I literally think this is the most exciting collaboration I have ever been a part of. Working with Caci?! Pinch me! I also have full control of my content, they want me to share REAL experiences in my own words while allowing me to be as creative as I want. I’m living for this, this is what I am about! I’ve been researching blogs on ‘first-time’ experiences with skincare and appearance clinics and everything I have read so far is quite sterile, perhaps a bit bleak. Much like my other blog entries, I want to share my experiences like breezy diary entries, that read like texts from a best friend, you guys know my style!




Last year I did a lot of travelling, and travel vlogs. During the editing process and looking over video footage of myself, I finally saw me in my thirties. I hadn’t ever filmed so much of myself before, hours of footage in all different lights and at different times of day, it was evident that certain areas of my face had aged. Generally, I have a healthy attitude towards ageing and I’ve always used great skincare and sun protection, I guess I thought that was enough. So, when I could see the fine lines and dark circles under my eyes, uneven skin texture and large pores around my nose, I was a little taken back. I know I am 33 and should expect all this, however, having great skin for me personally is a fundamental desire I have always prioritised. Great skin gives me confidence and it makes me feel good about myself. As a former professional makeup artist specialising in bridal artistry, I considered my face as somewhat of a business card, showcasing my talent of makeup artistry, in essence, great skin was a crucial part of my livelihood. The opportunity to collaborate with Caci is timely, I’ll be candid, it’s about that time I give Mother Nature a helping hand.



So, here’s lil-ole-me, rocking up to Caci, thinking, Botox. My lack of understanding in this area obviously contributed to my false set of expectations. I thought I had a brief idea of what would fix my skin concerns but after my initial consultation, I was given more insight and a much more accurate skin diagnosis. Caci then joined me up to a personalised Skin Health Plan, whats that you say? A Skin Health Plan is tailored specifically to your skin and skin goals. My primary concerns are hydration, the fine lines around my eye area and my skins current texture. My Skin Health Plan consists of 15 skin conditioning treatments tailored to my skin, each year. Being a member also entitles me to two complimentary treatments from their rewards menu, 20% off beauty therapy treatments and 10% off Ki skincare products. As part of my Skin Health Plan, I also received a full-sized Ki Sunscreen, its such a beautiful addition to my skincare routine. A Skin Health Plan starts from as little as $25 per week, and at Caci, treatments can be made simple and affordable with payment plans on offer. Below you will see some of the skincare I picked-up to help me on my skin journey.



My first treatment at Caci included microdermabrasion. A skin exfoliation treatment which uses crystals to remove dead skin cells, revealing much newer and fresher looking skin. I learnt that the process consists of crystals being blown onto the skin’s surface under pressure and suctioned away simultaneously. During my next few treatments at Caci, I will continue with microdermabrasion, though it will be slightly more intense each visit. This will help increase cell turnover to improve my skins texture, promote the creation of collagen and refine my congested pores. After my first treatment, I now have more realistic expectations. It will take my skin some time to become acclimated to the treatments I undergo, so I hope you didn’t expect for my skin to become magically treated overnight (wouldn’t that be brill!). While I don’t have immediate results to share right now, I am soooooo excited to be collaborating with Caci, sharing my REAL experiences with no filter on my content that I will create and share with you all. After two decades of experience in skin treatments, Caci have developed in my opinion one of the BEST plans to help me (and you) achieve FRESHER, BRIGHTER and HEALTHIER looking skin!

Thanks for being here so far, excited to have you join this journey! 


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!



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