Hubby and I dreamt-up the idea of collaborating with photographers when we travel which came to life in Monaco early last year. Through these collaborations, we have made connections all over the world, these connections have become treasured friendships. Laura from Island Encounters Photography is exactly one of those friends I’m talking about and shot these beautiful pictures I’m sharing with you today. The Fiji based team support the Island Encounters Trust, a non-profit organisation working in sustainable agriculture, service tourism and kid’s programs. As you can imagine we are absolutely honoured to share their work with you all especially after learning about the amazing things they are doing over in Fiji. I got to hang out with Laura not once, but twice! Not only did she capture our first international trip with our boys perfectly, she also photographed my dear friend Tori’s destination wedding on Bounty Island, the initial reason we journeyed to Fiji.

Reflecting on our time spent in Fiji, I’ve got goosebumps! Imagining my sons with families of their own, sharing stories about these very pictures, over hot cups of chocolate is giving me serious *heart-pangs*. I picture my grandchildren wandering off in imagination to the origins of that moment, giggling at their overdressed grandmother and how she made their dads wear matching outfits. It’s sad to think one day we won’t be here, but I am comforted knowing these pictures immortalise our memories made together. I pray these pictures are kept safe, so long after we are gone, we are still remembered.

Our travel photoshoot tradition has recently inspired some of our own family and friends to follow in our footsteps. How incredibly cool is that?! With memories captured like the below, let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you? I know you’re gonna ask about the boy’s tee’s, aren’t they rad?! George Henry Clothing makes the slickest monogrammed clothing. PS. After marvelling over our Fiji snaps why doncha’ head over to my Youtube channel and watch our Fiji vlog series!



We hear a cyclone has been causing all types of havoc in Fiji so we’d like to take this moment to send big e-love and e-prayers to our friends Laura and Ray, from Island Encounters Photography and of course we are also thinking of all our brothers and sisters in Fiji. Take care and we hope it settles soon!


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!



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