Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d go back to study, 34, mother of two! The mummy, wifey, student, blogger struggle…so real! I’ve learned that breaking myself into a million pieces is NOT healthy, while also learning I’m a total BADASS! I really can do it all! Just not to the level my heart initially desired upon starting study, and that’s cool. Perfectionism has been a bully, and demanded unachievable outcomes from me, right-up to my first set of assessments. I have come to accept that doing something at perhaps 80% is something I can be proud of, my ‘personal best’ is better than ‘perfect’. My first semester is done, and I’m heading into the last semester of level 4 studies in Creativity with a more focused mindset. You’ll be pleased to know I have received some great grades and I am committed to being kinder to myself from here out.



I’ve made some great friends, two of whom I’ve become extremely attached to. Daniel who is an international student from Vietnam, an incredible photographer by trade, who actually shot this blog post ( I edited, teamwork makes the dream work, right?!). He’s been quite the mentor in photography for me, brutally honest! It’s been humbling. There is a bit of a language barrier, Daniel can only tell it how it is, there’s no sugar coating, his honesty has been so staple for me in terms of perfecting my photo-taking skills. It’s strange, even though at times we get lost in translation, we have developed our own language together, only we understand, #friendshipgoals. Crazy meeting him actually, Vietnam is at the top of my travel bucket list, and now I have an amazing connection there, some things are just meant to be! And then there’s my blue-haired friend Lilly, she’s hilarious, quirky and makes me laugh until my belly hurts. She’s only 19, and one of the most creative artists I’ve ever known. We butt heads now and then because of our age-gap, she’s young ’n’ dumb, and I am old ’n’ has-been, but somehow our friendship works. I genuinely love and care for my new weirdo-friend with the big personality and even bigger heart, and she feels the same! Did I also mention one of my besties Candy also goes to Te Auaha? It’s so great to have her there, Candy has been a great support, and having a close friend checking in on me now and then, means the world!



How are the kids? They are doing great, RL is loving extra time at before and after school care and AG is learning things at kindy I couldn’t possibly teach. I anticipated the kids struggling with the adjustment to our routine, surprisingly they adapted brilliantly, so relieving. We are still working on our home-life balance. Hubby has been our backbone even with his incredibly taxing job. He’s been cooking dinners every night while I tackle bath-time, and together after putting the kids down, we do a 30-minute cleaning blitz before he and I catch up on our work and studies. Laundry is our biggest issue, even as I write this there is currently two baskets of washing to be folded, sigh.

How am I? I miss the kids terribly, I was spoilt for time with them as a stay-at-home-mama. There are certain things being effected at the moment, story-time being one, it makes me sad that I am either too-beat to read or forget entirely about it. Its top on my list to start reading to the kids again, its such a warm way to wrap up the day. Rushing, my next qualm, due to poor time management I have felt I have rushed the kids, this hurts my soul so much. I’m getting better at time management, and I have a personal goal this semester to stick to schedule. Finances are tight, childcare and before/after care certainly cost some coin, but my inside-happy, I don’t have the words, I’m feeling so inspired and you can’t buy that! I have to remind myself daily when I became a mother my goals-switch didn’t turn off. That by filling my basket I am feeding my children, inspiring them, empowering them. My goal in life is to make them proud and lead by my best example, I know in my heart of hearts, this is the right thing to do for me, and for them. Even I am yet to discover exactly ’why’ that is.



As a student at Te Auaha I am surrounded by like-minded creatives, and by that, I don’t just mean students, our tutors have lived such colourful lives and have had such inspiring careers in the arts. Every day is exciting and I feel so at home in this innovative space for us wacky creatives. If you are thinking of studying anything in the creative fields, I couldn’t recommend a better place for you, most definitely check Te Auaha out. I’m thinking of sharing tips for mummy’s wanting to return to study, some idea’s how to prepare for the journey. If this is something you’d like me to do, please let me know!

A huge thanks to Threads Online, styling me for this post today. An online shopping destination that believes the quality of the brands they supply need to be perfect, which means we are filling our wardrobes with quality, timeless, staple pieces. PS. how cute are my Huffer overalls????


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!



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