Every year my children grow older my heart breaks a little.

AG has just hit 3, my favourite age. It’s such a special development stage to witness as a parent, just like AG’s older brother did at this age, he is speaking in full sentences, story-telling and asking a thousand and one questions each day. His movement milestones are just as fun to see, he is catching, throwing, forward rolling and attempting hand-stands, so cute. Creatively he has a great understanding of numbers, shapes and colours, as you can imagine, mummy is oober-proud!

We had a low-key family escape to a beautiful Airbnb for AG’s 3rd Birthday. AG is quite introverted (like Daddy) so we knew he’d appreciate something a little more intimate just with family. You guys loved my balloon garland and grazing table (thanks team!), both of which are super easy to make. I had a ton of messages about both the grazing table and garland, so, I’m thinking about doing Youtube tutorials for both. Please let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see that! Another thing you guys thought was a unique idea, was gifting a living plant instead of treat bags. We found the cutest mini-houseplants from Mega Mitre 10 and dressed them in burlap and twine-tie (purchased from Spotlight). Lastly, we added a personalised name-tag with a special message ‘THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING ME GROW’. It’s not like there isn’t already a good supply of sugar at kids parties, so why not send them home with a gift that keeps on giving OR growing in this case!

The Airbnb, known as The School House was actually a historic school hall, built in 1895, delicately relocated and restored keeping its original period. One of my favourite things in the Airbnb was the huge windows and French doors throughout the open plan style living, which allowed you to take in the mesmerizing views of the river and Tukituki Valley from almost every space within the house. It literally felt like we had our own uninterrupted, private little corner of  New Zealand all to ourselves. I highly recommend this property for quiet events. I also think it would be absolutely fantastic for a wedding ‘get-ready’ venue if you are marrying in the Hawkes Bay. The photos there would be insanely gorgeous, there is so much light in the house and the backdrop of the rolling hills…aaaah so much heart-eyes!!!! PS. This isn’t sponsored by Airbnb, I paid for our stay. Ya’ll know I love to review, share and document my love-story with my boys!

AG had a wonderful birthday. He loved hanging out with his cousins, running wild, talking to the farm animals and over-dosing on his chocolate Paw Patrol cake. He wasn’t too interested in presents or the fluffy decorations, but he was happy and surrounded by love, that’s really all it’s about isn’t it!



A special mention to Utopia Cakes who for the second time absolutely nailed our cake design & taste. It’s our second time purchasing a birthday cake from utopia cakes and I highly recommend their cake’s for special events in the Hawkes Bay. Also to Hello & Cookie, for creating our custom ‘AG TURNS 3’  personalised cookies (despite only been given a moments notice) Weren’t they pretty? And oh so scrumptious!


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!


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