Notice something different? 

Today I revealed my brand new logo and designs in celebration of my ‘4th Blogivesary’. My fourth year documenting my love-story and this crazy thing I call ‘my life’ but let’s be honest, I’ve been blogging much longer than 4 years in reality. I’m a Myspace and MSN Messenger kid, gah I’m striking them nostalgic chords with my teen-self right now! Those were the days, where the internet existed without being all-consuming. You had to wait all day to check your notifications and 5 minutes into it *cue* the screaming matches between siblings for screen time. Who remembers sneaking to the computer when your parents were sleeping? Typing on chunky keyboards holding your breath because you thought that would make less noise. What about rushing home just so you could chat online to your school friends you literally had just spent the last 6 hours at school with. And was I the kid who spent a week in lunchtime detention for downloading MSN messenger on a school computer? Damn-straight I was! Those are my early memories of blogging and for me where it all began. Now here we are!



My 4th blogiversary wish is the hope that my posts will continue to inspire you to celebrate ‘YOU’ as I have learnt to celebrate each and every day of my life. There’s some exciting content and meaningful work I will be doing in 2019, a whole level of me I haven’t really shared on the blog before. I’ve been listening and I hear what you want from me.



A huge thank you to my wonderful friends who helped me celebrate, my beautiful friend Jenny from Lovemiphoto for my beautiful captures, aren’t the images just dreamy, I will treasure them forever! Stilleto Studio for creating this bespoke cake to match my new designs. I literally squealed when I saw how pretty it was (it matched my new colour theme PERFECTLY). Nothing makes a celebration sweeter than cake and of course, it’s my blogivesary tradition! Lastly Victoria Faith, my designer, who carefully and thoughtfully transitioned my blog designs to represent its growth visually. I am so in love with the upgrades Tori you talented human.



I am so grateful for each and every visit to the blog. Thank you for reading my online diary and connecting with me.

Happiest 4th blogiversary to me!


GTG…BRB… for my fellow MySpace and MSN kids… 😉


Until Next!

See you, love you, BYE!



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