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Shoe shopping was once the bane of my existence….

Safe to say ‘fashuuuuun’ is a huge part of my blog but when it comes to shoe shopping I’m the ugly stepsister trying to squeeze her foot into Cinderella’s slipper, at least that’s how I used to feel. I was 14 when my toes started to deform due to a porous bone condition.

First, it was my index toe on my right foot. It started to curl. It was easy to hide in the early stages, scrunching the toes, putting one foot behind the other kinda-thing. That was until the exact same toe on opposite foot followed suit. My toes caused me major anxiety, I dug them into the sand like claws at the beach, at the pools I took my shoes off at the very last minute, never the first to jump in the pool, never the last to get out. It’s actually a heartbreaking story in reflection if only I knew what I know now. By the time I was 18 years of age, six of my toes were weakened by what I now understand as osteoporosis. The loss of my bone density and thinning of the bone caused the affected toes to hammer-over and stiffen. Choosing the right shoe for my feet was no easy task. Pain, corns and calluses due to poor footwear choices for my condition were the norm and not prioritising my foot health saw me undergoing bilateral joint resection surgery in my early twenties. I have accepted that I will live with this condition for the rest of my life and while I will NEVER have the prettiest toes, treating myself to things such as foot reflexology, spa pedicures and beautiful footwear has helped me find serenity with my personal matter.

On the flip side…as I learnt to manage my foot health, shoe shopping was no longer a nuisance. In fact, having a medical condition that demands quality footwear actually narrows down choice tremendously. When it comes to shoes I invest in quality over quantity. My shoe selection isn’t overly large, but it does consist of thoughtful stylish purchases. One of my favourite places to shop for shoes that fit amazingly and suit my personal style is Ziera. What’s really unique about shopping at Ziera is the Your Feet Your Fit system which allows each foot to be fitted separately with underfoot inserts to reduce the volume of the shoe in the forepart. So if your shoes are too generous? You are needing to fit a custom orthotic? Or need more room? The Your Feet Your Fit range means you’ll get the perfect fit every time. My latest Ziera shoes (pictured) are called the Oliana, a staple loafer you’ll completely Fall for this Autumn. (see what I did there?). This style features the Ziera’s infamous Pillow Walk Footbed. A contoured, supportive and cushioning sock that provides layers of comfort. I’ve teamed them with a chunky textured knit and long pleated skirt to elevate this pretty autumnal look. Replacing the normal handbag, I switched things up with a toffee coloured croc-print belt bag.

Telling by the smile in my pictures, it’s safe to say I am toe-tally in love with Ziera shoes! They truly are a brand that gives me confidence and comfort. Stay tuned for my next post where I am sharing more autumnal fashion with Ziera! I’m also going to be sharing 3 Shoe Mistakes you are making that could definitely be causing your foot pain. If there are any questions about my bone condition please drop a comment below! I actually love chatting with others who experience the same concerns as I (it’s nice to know you are not alone) additionally I would love to know how you manage it?


Special thanks to Jenny, fine art photographer from Love Mi Photo for the beautiful captures on this post. More of her beautiful imagery to follow!


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!



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