Prior to motherhood, I worked in fashion and styling for over 8 years. I started my career in the industry by managing women’s fashion stores and then working as a country manager for an Australian designer.

Want to know what the most returned item was in all 6 fashion stores? Shoes. I think it’s still so surprising that the majority of people think their shoe size is stagnant. For example, I jumped up half a shoe size after having my first child and when my husband changed-up his training style his arches raised, which affected his usual choice. How about that pair of shoes you thought was a great idea but you haven’t worn them since you bought them? Or the shoes that make you feel like you’re losing circulation in your little toes? There’s an art to shoe-buying, which makes sense when you think your feet are comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments (I googled that). I’m here on the blog today to share 3 Shoe Mistakes that hopefully will make a gal’s life a little easier.




If you’re purchasing in-store you are already on track for success. Trying before buying with the aid of a professional or trained shoe store assistant will help you make a more informed purchase. If you’re ordering online, I suggest looking at the sizing information. Ziera has an incredible Shoe Guide on their website, it has a handy calculator where you can enter the cm of your foot and it will help find your Ziera shoe size. Additionally, there’s information on understanding width fittings and fitting advice. My TOP TIP for purchasing online is to read the customer reviews (SO IMPORTANT) here you will see if a shoe runs true to size, up or down a size, first impressions and honest feedback from other consumers interested in the exact same product you’re about to purchase. While we are here, this is also the reason you should leave a review, helping out others.




Some choose the most expensive or well-known brand. Some shop based on the latest trends or may have even been influenced by the gram, my wedding shoes were influenced by my favourite blogger for example. As seemingly perfect as they looked on my feet, as beautifully designed they were, oh my good-grace did they kill!  When choosing shoes, we need to ask ourselves regardless of style, make and the inspiration behind the shoe, do they provide you with the comfort and protection you need?

Though us ladies won’t be giving up our footwear addiction anytime soon, there are things like gel cushions, heel shields and even blister plasters that protect and cushion against rubbing.

For myself, someone who suffers from brittle bones in my feet, I personally appreciate Ziera’s Your Feet Your Fit system which allows each foot to be fitted separately with underfoot inserts to reduce the volume of the shoe in the forepart. You can wear one or both inserts – or neither – whatever feels right. Additionally, Ziera shoes look as good as they feel meaning my individual style is never compromised. From someone who has made some past shoe shopping errors that were actually quite detrimental to my foot health I want to emphasize, if you’re experiencing any kind of foot pain that persists for days, weeks or even months making it impossible to live your life as normal, it’s time to see a podiatrist for evaluation, don’t ignore it. I have 4 toes fused (surgically removing the arthritic cartilage of the toe joints) something that may have been avoided if I went to see a podiatrist much earlier than I did.




In the past, as a retailer, I was a highly skilled ninja at boosting the impulse buys of a consumer. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into it. Before you step into a retail store you have already been targeted for impulse purchases. Would you have bought the ‘2 for 1’ shoe if you weren’t encouraged by the huge visual decals pointing it out in the storefront windows? Would you have bought that shoe polish last minute if it wasn’t so conveniently positioned right where you swipe your EFTPOS card? Did the diamanté encrusted shoe that sparkled magically under the strategically placed ethereal down-light make you visualise yourself getting into formation like Beyonce? How about the equally amazing packing it comes in that you are convincing yourself you will re-use, but you won’t.

There are personal factors too, personality traits can influence our purchase like a desire for pleasure or lack of self-control and even a desire to impress others. My best advice for avoiding an impulse buy is a vision board. I regularly pin on Pinterest shoes I would like to purchase, if I can’t stop thinking about it I will get into a store to try that shoe on, online shopping I will read up as many reviews as I can. I hold off a week or two (after trying them on/researching reviews) before buying the shoes. If I’m still dreaming about a certain pair in this time frame, it’s earned a place in my wardrobe.



I truly hope the above helps! It all comes from a place of personal experience so I am confident there may be one or two tips above that will assist you the next time you are shoe shopping. Fall fashion is my favourite! The colours of fall are undeniably the best of all the seasons, both in a literal and fashion sense. Navy’s, rusts, burgundy, mustard and all the earthy-dreamy-tones! I’m a huge fan of the athleisure shoes worn with long skirts and dresses which I have always felt is a great autumn trend. In this post, I matched my new Ziera Pamela sneakers with this chic leopard skirt and matching top. The Pamela sneaker has a flatform sole (giving my 5ft 3 self a boost in height) and is softly padded making them a ridiculously comfy fit. I’m also working on glamming up my mum-run outfits (school pick-ups and drop-offs), pairing these sneakers with tights and jeans really do dress up my daily looks a great deal more.

Would love to know your thoughts on my autumnal styling for this shoot captured by one of my favourite fine art photographers, the epically talented Jenny from Lovemiphoto. My next Ziera post is a bit spesh and includes my first styling video, EVER! Can’t wait to share! 


Thank you Ziera for sponsoring this post.


Until next!

See you! Love you! Bye!





  1. Kelly
    May 14, 2019 / 8:43 am

    Great article thank you… one question though, where is the top and skirt from? 🥰

    • itstheleostyle
      May 19, 2020 / 6:41 am

      Gigi Belle Boutique New Zealand xx

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