Winter has arrived! And so, with the weather dropping dramatically over the last few weeks I thought I would share four functional winter looks for mums that I have paired with my Ziera’s Santos Boot. Partnering with Ziera has been a dream collaboration and if you’ve been following my last Ziera posts it’s easy to understand why. The comfort and technology built into Ziera shoes ensure they feel as good as they look (win/win) and these boots do just that! I’ve gone on enough about my love for Ziera, so I thought I’d have a bit more fun with this post styling up one of their iconic styles of boot. If you love wearing boots or wanting to wear boots more but need a little inspo on the different ways to wear them you are in luck, I’ve just uploaded a winter fashion lookbook to Youtube (see below). I’ve styled 4 four functional winter looks for mums (I’ve also added links to clothing in the video description box) that I have paired with the perfect Santos Ziera Boot.

Knee-high boots offer the middle path for women who don’t want to go too bold and sport over-the-knee boots. Have you noticed the higher the boot the dressier the look? They are my favourite style of boot, effortless, less formal and perfect for a 5ft3 shorty like me. Did you know tucking skinny jeans in a pair of long boots visually elongates a woman’s legs? Additionally, I love how they make a casual outfit like jeans/slim pants look a little more ‘extra’.



I wanted to create comfortable, versatile looks for the hustle and bustle of life with a young family! Trying to look and feel good is a balancing act worthy of a circus, but it’s not impossible. As a mumma-bear who can lose myself to the grind now and then, I delicately put together pieces that make me feel confident and happy, are relatively stylish but won’t stop me playing in the park with my boys. They are looks suitable for pick-up and drop off, PTA meetings and the school assembly, grocery shopping and the coffee group date (which can happen all in just ONE day, aaaaah-mum life). Also guys! This is my very FIRST video lookbook! I hope it is the push you need to treat yourself, helps solves any styling dilemma or even helps you revive an old pair of boots you currently own.



Here it is! Please leave a comment on the video and let me know what you think! It was a ton of fun creating and editing the video I’d really like to make more!



Imagery shot by legendary international photographer Jenny from Lovemiphoto. Thank you Ziera for sponsoring this post!


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!



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