Olivo Martinborough – 10 Mum Moments


You know those moments when you look at your children and think, how the heck did I get so lucky? What did I do to deserve you creatures of love? Those moments in mummy-hood that make ya heart PANG, you have gratitude, you appreciate. Like when you pick them up from kindy and they run into your arms. When they pull in your face to rest theirs on yours. When they say ‘I love you mama”, nothing compares!

These next 10 moments…Well, they aren’t like those (LOL). Mama is serving some REAL talk up in here. There’s nothing like a mummy moment to remind you that YES you are a mum!

Can relate???



1) You know you’re a mum when you complain you don’t get enough sleep. But instead of sleeping when your children are you get up out of bed every 2 minutes to see if they are still breathing. Hello no sleep, again, forever.

2) You know you’re a mum when a glass of wine counts as a serving of fruit or pain relief or a quick bite to eat.

3) You know you’re a mum when you hate Lego, but still, you buy it for the kid’s coz what’s a bruised heel in exchange for 20 minutes of your life back?


I am wearing: Dress – Gigi Bell Boutique (gifted)/ Shoes – Ziera (gifted) / Hat – Me And The Brave


4) You know you’re a mum when instead of running from projectile vomit, you sprint to that shit and you save the day!

5) You know you’re a mum when you do more in 5 minutes than a non-parent does in an entire day.

6) You know you’re a mum when you hear a non-parent complain and you imagine yourself holding a remote to their face and muting them.



7) You know you’re a mum when you wear a jacket over your PJs to drop your kids off to school because seemingly you look dressed.

8) You know you’re a mum when you open your camera roll to 212 photos of blurred nostrils.

9) You know you’re a mum when you feel like all day you ‘count’ ie: “get to bed before I count to 5….1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5…….5!!!!

10) You know you’re a mum when you forgot to leave money for the Tooth Fairy, so you tell your kid she doesn’t work on Mondays. 


Isaac is wearing: Elvis Tee – Feels. AU /Hat – Me And The Brave


We took these dreamy pictures at Olivo Martinborough the oldest commercial olive grove in the Wairarapa, internationally renowned for its olive oils. It’s really quite impressive to see in person, you can wander through the groves, learn about different olive varieties and finish with a tutored olive oil tasting, from pure extra virgin oil to intriguing infusions. We plan to visit again in summer, unfortunately, there were no tastings this day!

Hope you had a little chuckle at this post! It’s all worth it in the end, right?



Until next!

See you. Love you. BYE!


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