I am feeling just BEYOND!!! to share Part 1 of the Wairarapa Family-Shoot series in collaboration with Lovemiphoto. A collection of memories captured by international fine art photographer Jenny Pochtarenko that aims to inspire families to adventure here to the Wairarapa. First up, our beautiful little community of Carterton.

The beating heart of the Wairarapa is calling all families and individuals together to celebrate the famous Daffodil Festival 2019. This Sunday, 8th September, the time-honoured tradition which includes the picking of daffodils at Middle Run Farm, a historic property in Gladstone continues! We are the first bloggers ‘EVER’ to receive permission to visit Middle Run pre-event, what an honour! Of course, we had to blog such a special moment!

Oh!…and just in case you needed another reason to attend the festival, here’s one more to spark your wanderlust, Middle Run’s amazing field of blossoming daffodils are a sight to behold, stretching far into the distance, crazy to think on our visit we were frolicking mostly amongst young buds, not fully bloomed. Take a peek below!



In the 1920s, Daffidols from the front paddock of Middle Run were planted for good use for the community. Once bloomed they were picked and sent to the Wellington vegetable and flower market and the proceeds from the sale of the flowers were given to the recently-formed Carterton branch of the Plunket Society. Today, the star attraction of the Carterton Daffidol festival, as like every other year, is the daffodil picking at Middle Run. These yellow masses, planted over 100 years ago (WOW!) still raise thousands of dollars for the Carterton Plunket Society and St John.

Daffodils are iconic here in Carterton, so much so, in 1995 mayor Georgina Beyer successfully laid claim to the town being the Daffodil Capital of New Zealand.



Isaac was raised in the Wairarapa, moving here was the best thing we could have done for our family. When we met he actually lived in Wellington, though the first 3 dates he took me on were all in the Wairarapa. It was clear from the start we would one day make this our home. Since shifting to the Wairarapa (just over 8 months ago), we are living more sustainably, we maintain a better work-life balance and we really have found a sense of community within Carterton District. Trading the bustle of Wellington city and heading for the hills in pursuit to find the perfect balance of living the simple life while still being able to enjoy the amenities and charm of nearby cities is serving our family well.

Isaac was feeling super nostalgic this day, seeing the little boy he once was in our children, running in the very same farmland as he once did in his youth. I could see him at certain stages taking it all in, I wondered what part of his past he ventured to while he watched the kids play tag amongst the florals.



There’s more to Carterton’s most popular festival than having fun daffodil-picking. A superabundance of activities are expected to woo and wow, from resident art & craft markets, delicious street market food & shopping, horse-drawn surrey rides and live entertainment for the entire family (to name a few!). There are also limited tickets still available for the short steam train experience from Carterton to Masterton (return) on the Daffidol Express (it brings travellers from Wellington to Carterton by heritage excursion train to attend the annual Daffodil Festival), a real-life steam motive powered train ride, how cool is that?!



For more information and ongoing updates about the Daffidol Festival head to their Facebook page, the best way to stay in-the-know for this event especially.


Our family portraits are a collaboration with international fine art photographer Jenny Pochtarenko from Love Mi Photo. Jenny is based in Wellington, New Zealand, her imagery will tell your families story in the most natural way. Her ability to capture the innocence of every child she photographs and the uniqueness of love – how true and sincere it is, is truly her passion. Together, Jenny and I can’t wait to share more of the Wairarapa with you.


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!







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