5 years of blogging and documenting my love-story!


Rewind two years ago, back-in-time to my 3rd Blogiversary where Jaymee (Jaymee Photography) and I originally came to shoot the cherry blossoms here at Aston Norwood Gardens. Unfortunately, a little too late, the grounds were already powdered in pink-blush petals, the branches bare, so a pact was made that one day we’d return and here we are! No need to fly to Japan and join the frenzy of millions of locals and tourists swarming together to take a snap under these blooms each Spring when you can take a magical walk amongst 400 cherry blossom trees here, still a hidden gem (though not for long thanks to social media). A spectacular sight to witness if you are ever near. I couldn’t help but think, how these delicate clouds of pink above me, mirror our human life—beautiful, cherished, but brief. For me validating the importance of my blog, creating and banking memories in this very short life we have been gifted…..

**takes a deep breath in, feels grateful!**

With each anniversary that passes I’m amazed that I still find myself in my own little corner in cyberspace sharing online diary entries of my life with the world and more importantly STILL loving it! Happiest Blogiversary to me!



I’m reflecting on the busiest year EVER for the blog and what an enjoyable experience it truly is to look back at the memories my little family and I have banked this year alone, BLESSED! The most important thing I have learned in my 5 years within this space is to be unapologetically myself. It takes a lot out of you, being REAL.  The more you lean into your true self and your power, things change and that can be scary, it can hurt and at times feel uncomfortable. The objective though—waking the fuck up and living my best life, with the best people for my life.

Speaking of change…



You guys will have seen Isaac recently bought me a Jeep Wrangler Overland. His little surprise video went a little crazy! I can finally reveal why I was in such shock about the Jeep (I legit screamed). For the last year, we’ve been concentrating on what’s next? for The Leo Style. Isaac and I haven’t really travelled our own backyard and for us, there’s no place like home. We live in the most beautiful country in the world and there is much exploring for us to do right here in New Zealand as a family. Enter our new whip! We know how much you loved our Mr + Mrs Travel series, I’m excited to announce that YES, the travel vlogs are starting up again!!! We will be vlogging our #JeepFamilyAdventures around New Zealand.

Our love-story is transitioning, the world is busy, Isaac and I are aware we are raising a family in a world losing connection while being connected. In this chapter of our lives, there’s a call for change, we’d like to share with our alike-audiences what the outdoors offers families, we are yet to learn exactly what that is, thats the exciting part! We have begun to document the beginning of our adventures on my Instagram starting a highlight called #JeepFam, keep an eye on it!



I want to say thank you to all of you for your motivational comments which you leave, your messages and likes in support of what my family and I create. I am beyond blessed to have what feels like a small planet-worth of you visiting and supporting my family and what we do. You enable me to create and be heard, you humble me with each upload, update and publish. Thank you for your connection.

To Jaymee Photography for capturing this huge milestone in my life, 5 years and the start of a new adventure! How can I ever thank you, you immortalise time, thats a frecking superpower!

On to the next 5 years, I say!


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!




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