Arc Assistant 5 in 1 – 10 Benefits + Features


I love the Arc Assistant 5 in 1.

The way I go on about it on my socials you guys are probably like..We get it! … Seriously, with no more August-Grace pulling at my pants, balanced on my hip or precariously balanced on an unsafe stool, my kitchen is a less stressful and safer environment. So yes. Praise baby Jesus hallelujah amen, let’s say it one more time for the mama’s in the back of the room….


I still receive a dozen-PLUS questions each time you guys notice the Arc Assistant in my stories so I thought I’d share 10 Benefits and Features I appreciate about this incredible invention that has benefited my ENTIRE family, NOT just August-Grace.



1. Facilitates adult and child connection. More connected activities = more brain development during their crucial first 1000 days. Knowing this, the Arc Assistant is the first gift idea I recommend to EVERYONE shopping for a ‘first’ birthday present. We got our nephew Arlo one for his birthday, it’s been reported back to us that he LOVES it! Aunt and Uncle of the year over here!



2. No more balancing your toddler on a chair at the bench! This is a biggy for me. One near-miss I will never forget was when Ryder-Leo was standing on a stool at the bench helping me stir eggs. He slipped and fell on his neck, I will never forget it. It brings me close to tears even thinking of it and I am so lucky no injuries were sustained despite it being pretty traumatic for mummy. Additionally, the Arc Assistant will prevent your toddler from reaching dangerous appliances and tools! PLUS, it’s NZ/AU Safety Tested at Accredited IANZ Laboratory.



3. No more holding them on your hip while trying to prepare dinner. My first child lived on my hip, not easy, not fun, not safe and makes things harder than they need to be.



4. The Arc Assistant is safer for your back alignment and less taxing on your body.



5. Tested to hold 80kg. It’s tough!



6. The structure is impeccably and thoughtfully made. ie: Standing platform locks in place. Four walls lock in place. Safety feet (side and back) to prevent tipping. Safety bungs for standing platform holes when the platform is lowered down. No shapes cut out of walls to eliminate climbing hazards.



7. Flat packs down in seconds for easy storage.



8. Scandinavian, minimal and stylish design that will fit in nicely with most if not ALL interior-styles.



9. NZ made quality and service. Supporting local!



10. And of course, last but certainly not least, the obvious… its 5 IN 1!!! A Highchair, Learning Tower, Toy Box, Bookshelf & Bench. Click here to see how it transforms.


As loved and used by Nathan Wallis, Dorothy Waide, Nadia Lim, Toni Street, Valerie Adams. Also endorsed by Stuff, Tots to Teens, Baby on the Move, Babyology, Trends and many more amazing New Zealanders and Australians I am CLEARLY not the only mama raving on about the Arc Assistant. Check it out for yourself and if there are any questions on the above leave them in the comment section below!


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!


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