It’s Happening…

Coronavirus inevitably had a huge impact on our travel and tourism industry. As Wairarapa’s Go-To Bloggers it felt our duty to step-up for the region especially knowing our blog has become a source of inspiration for Wairarapa destination searches and holiday planning. Its time to let the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’, that’s if you haven’t already guessed from the teasers I have shared? The Carlsons are partnering up with Jeep NZ on not one but FOUR exciting Jeep-worthy Wairarapa adventures. A project dreamt-up to inspire domestic travel to our beautiful region and driven by the importance of encouraging togetherness and the strengthening of family bonds outdoors and in nature.


Our Why…

The positive impact of our family outdoor travel extends far beyond the experience itself. The memories we bank are what my husband and I like to call life-anchors. These anchors will help shape our boy’s identities and how they view the world, they will remind them who they are and where they come from if they ever lose their way. For myself integrating the natural world into family-experiences is part of my parenting style, encouraging more arts and outdoor-play feels more natural to me as a mother than academics. For Isaac, home and wholeness start’s out in nature, he holds a strong belief that in order for us to truly understand ourselves we must learn to connect with mother-earth. His hope by being out in the open with our boys is that they become firmly rooted individuals, develop resilience, flexibility and the strength of character needed to navigate their futures. All of the above is our ‘why’ and it seemed only natural to invest in a vehicle that would help us facilitate this season of life and adventures.


Enter Jeep…

Planing to travel New Zealand as a family was actually an idea that kicked off after our international travels. Anytime we told anyone we were from New Zealand they thought we were crazy travelling elsewhere, that New Zealand has it all, that our country is at the top of their bucket-lists. We couldn’t agree more, Isaac and I hadn’t really done a lot of travel in our own backyard and so we began the hunt for the right adventure vehicle to help us to do so. Jeep are true freedom-mobiles, in this vehicle we saw nothing but infinite possibilities, rugged terrain to comb, trails to climb, sunsets to chase. The appeal of attractive, yet reliable transportation for our New Zealand travel plans is immeasurable, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that performs the duties of such transportation quite like a Jeep Wrangler does.


Wairarapa Jeep Adventures…

Some of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets are right here in the Wairarapa and we are so honoured to be able to share some of these gems virtually hidden from the outside world with you. Spending our money supporting kiwis and kiwi businesses has never been more important so along the journey we will be showing you how we shop local for our adventures. Got a travel itch? Perhaps our Wairarapa Jeep Adventures are the antidote, just the destination your whanau needs to reset, reconnect and revel in. Above all, we hope our travels will inspire you to pack up your families and collect a treasure trove of memories made with those most important to you.


First stop, Te Pāmu, If there’s one thing you can expect from this glamorous safari-style glamping experience, it’s sheer luxury! See you back here soon for our very first Wairarapa Jeep Adventure.


Until next!

See you, love you, BYE!



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