Rewanui Forest Park


Brown & purple hiking boots.

Mum bought me them when I was 10 from the Adidas outlet in South Auckland. These boots would be my first introduction to ‘hiking’ though we were really just bush-walking and camping a lot. I come from an avid camping and fishing family, most of my youth before heading to Australia was spent way up north, where our iwi (tribe) is from, Panguru, the Hokianga. Beautiful place!

This gift from mum inspired me as a child, I knew that one day I’d trek some of New Zealand’s trails, that time is now! We’ve actually been trekking as a whānau for quite some time and were really lucky enough to be chosen a couple of years back as family ambassadors for the Toyota Kiwi Guardians initiative. Hubby and I also went hiking as part of our honeymoon in the Coromandel and the purchase of the Jeep as you know was to encourage more outdoor whānau connection.



While there are some profoundly positive things about being online, connected in real-time, at all times and for the most part free, there are also some deeply negative aspects too. Our spirit, mind and body aren’t made to be wired 24/7, we don’t work at a capacity to consume the amount of noise we download on the daily. We are losing the ability to disconnect and becoming unwell. The very thing designed to connect us is in fact, disconnecting us.

All of this and the fact we live in one of the world’s top walking and tramping destinations has given birth to the new section of our blog Trek & Trails! These short posts will share photography, handy info, our review, trail difficulty and of course how to get there. Over on our Instagram stories check out our Trek & Trails highlight for video footage of our journeys & behind the scenes. Additionally, I have an Outdoor Gears highlight we will share our handy outdoor equipment, clothing and then some!

On to our very first Trek & Trails post, sans brown & purple hiking boots, lol!

Rewanui Forest Park



Rewanui Forest Park has numerous loops and walking tracks through a 334-hectare farm and native forest all freely accessible to the public. The tracks through the native bush (“Richardson Bush”) is designed to visit as many of the big trees as possible. The giant Matai are breathtaking! We did a mixture of tracks in 3 hours (all tracks link-up). Our time included regular breather-breaks, photo-ops and snacks for our boys (4&9 yrs).

Tracks walked:

Kowhai Track & Matai Loop – The kids (4&9 yrs) had no problem walking these tracks with regular water stops. A mindful walk with beautiful light that filters through the forest leading the way –  Moderate Difficulty

Mt Clyde Track – We looped in from the Matai Track, mostly farm tracks in open grassland. Gorgeous lunch spot at the summit, a welcomed reward for getting to the top! Our very first trig, that was exciting! The trig has an elevation of 500m and the carpark about 200m so it involves a 300m climb which was certainly the toughest part for the boys. AG (4yrs) hopped on Daddy’s shoulders till we reached the trig. I slowed down with RL (9yrs) to pace the incline – Moderate Difficulty



Tracks E-Map:

To consider:

Both tracks we did are moderate in distance and difficulty. Inclines, hills and elevation changes, manageable by anyone who is moderately active. Several steep hills and inclines. Root-covered trail and grassland also on inclines. Sturdy shoes with tread should be considered and hiking poles may be recommended (depending on your level of fitness). I did notice Ongaonga, stinging tree nettle, take care. People of all walking abilities can find tracks suited to them but the park is not suited to wheeled traffic like baby buggies.

We understand each individual and family know their limits best, always trust your gut instincts! 




A great place to stop on the way to or from Castlepoint or Riversdale – just 20 minutes from Masterton on Masterton Castlepoint Road. Take the Castlepoint road East out of Masterton for 22km. Look for the Rewanui Forest Park sign, the car park is 400m beyond it.



Until next trek!

See you, love you, bye!


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